Cost Of Roofing Per Square Foot

How to reduce cost of roofing per square foot?

Cost Of Roofing Per Square FootIf you have to reduce the cost of roofing per square foot, there are two ways of doing it. One involves compromises. The other involves some smart moves. A quick check on the prices of various materials will tell you that the cheapest roof for a home would cost around $2000 to $3000, if the roof spans across a thousand square feet. The same roof can cost $25,000 or more if expensive materials like slate or copper are chosen. Between the two extremes, the cheaper end marked by asphalt, there are more than half a dozen choices. Some of those choices can get you a long lasting roof that wouldn’t need much repairing or replacement.

If you have to reduce the cost of roofing per square foot, then you can just opt for the cheaper materials. But that will be a compromise. You will have a less durable roof. There would be needs of ongoing repairs and you may have to replace the roof in a few years or in a decade certainly. Talk about metal and rubber roofs and you can rest assured for at least two decades. Many such roofs come with three decades in warranty.

You cannot compromise on the cost of materials. That is unwise. But you can decide what kind of curbs you would have, the type of insulation and the coatings you would have. If you are building a new roof, opt for low sloped ones as they would have less area and that would reduce the roofing costs. If you are thinking of curbs, then don’t opt for too fancy installations as that would increase the cost of roofing. Opt for ordinary chimneys, skylights and get some solid flashing. Do not opt for extremely expensive insulation. Instead, find a combination of reasonable coating with reasonable insulation. The coating should increase the solar reflectance of the roofing material and that in turn would make the reasonable quality insulation more effective.

It is not advisable to try and install a new roof yourself. You may be tempted to save money and doing it yourself will certainly reduce the cost of roofing per square foot. But instead of risking the whole project, spend on a good roofer as that will ensure you have a strong roof without any installation problems. Proper installation is quintessential as otherwise you may end up paying hundreds in leaks and other problems soon after getting the roof in place.

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