Cost Of New Roof

How much does the cost of new roof?

Cost Of New RoofEverybody has heard the stories of Santa and his Reindeer flying around delivering presents. Going from roof top to roof top and visiting all the good little boys and girls. The last thing anyone wants is to have Santa crashing through their roof because it wasn’t properly taken care of. Not only does this leave a massive hole in the roof but ends up injuring or even killing Santa. No one wants to kill the old bugger because then where would we be. Making sure your roof is up to spec not only will keep you and your family comfortable and safe but also prevent any untimely Santa related incidents.

A new roof for Christmas

While we all know Santa isn’t really bouncing around from roof to roof all niblypinbly that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of the roof. As with every over time a roof wears out and needs to be replaced. Installing a new roof however, isn’t exactly something you can expect to find in your Christmas stocking. As with many home improvement projects, a new roof is a complicated project. From the materials, to the building codes, and so on putting in a new roof can be a lot for one person to handle.

Elves don’t do roofs

Santa may have a whole workshop of skilled craftsmen at his disposal but for the rest of us we need to rely on licensed professionals. This is especially true when installing a new roof. Most people automatically think this means they will end up having to shell out tons of money just to get someone else to do a job they should be perfectly capable of doing. All too often people that continue down this line of thought into the action phase end up spending more on medical bills than they would have on a contractor.

Who needs Santa when you got a professional roofer

Hiring a contractor to install a new roof will cost around $10k to $25k and up depending on a couple of factors. The type of materials used can increase or decrease the price of the work. Asphalt shingles for instance are easy and quick to install keeping the overall price low however at the cost of the shingles durability. On the other hand getting higher quality shingles will increase the overall cost due to the cost of the materials and the extra labor to install them but will last a lot longer and may even increase the value of the home. All of this depends on the homeowner of course. So the next time Santa decides to pay you a visit don’t be surprised if he leaves a thank you card along with the presents for putting in that new roof.

Want To Know The Cost Of New Roof?

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