Cost Of New Roof For House

Factors that have a significant bearing on the cost of new roof for house!

Cost Of New Roof For HouseIt is common knowledge that the cost of new roof for house will depend on many factors. If you take into account all factors, then there are more than a dozen that will have a bearing on the cost. But not all such factors or elements will have a significant bearing. Some elements will just raise the cost marginally or reduce the investment insignificantly. When you are investing anywhere from a couple thousand to more than twelve thousand on a project, a few bucks or even a couple hundred bucks here and there may not make a difference.

  • The first significant factor is the size of the roof. But you may already know that. In addition to the area of the roof, what matters is the slope. Should you have a flat roof, then you don’t have to worry about the difference. But sloped roofs will have two sizes. One would be the lateral or horizontal area covered by a roof and the other would be the actual area that has to be roofed. It is thus obvious that the higher your slope or steeper it is, the more area you shall have to cover. Naturally, a roof with a steep slope will cost more. Take into account the roof pitch before you ask for any estimates.
  • The choice of material will obviously have a bearing on the cost of new roof for house. Asphalt roofs will cost a tenth of a slate roof, in most cases. And you may already be aware of this. What you also have to factor in other than the type of material is the exact nature or quality of the material. There is steel and corrugated steel, stone coated steel and anticorrosion and antirust steel. In one category or type of metal roof, you have so many options. Then, you can choose shingles, panels, sheets or any other type based on your preference and what your roofer recommends. Likewise, every material will have several variants. From the aesthetic elements to the shape and size, design or if you wish the material to emulate some other material; all such factors will have a significant bearing on the cost of new roof for house.

Then there is the trio of insulation, coatings and labor charges. The quality of insulation and the type of coatings can have an impact of a few hundred to a couple thousand bucks, so would labor charges.

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