Cost Of Metal Roof

The Cost of Metal Roof

Cost Of Metal RoofThere are many different roofing options on the market but none more popular right now than the metal roofs. The cost of metal roof options are not quite as expensive as you may think. The new metal roof options are durable, attractive and offer a great deal of energy efficiency.

Some Facts About Cost

With metal roofing most homeowners insurance carriers offer a standard 10% discount which can really add up in a couple of years. The cost of metal roof options varies depending on where you live. In some states the cost is about the same as a shingle roof in others the cost can be about 2X’s that of asphalt shingles.

Depending on where you live and the access to the supplies will drive the cost. In most cases the difference between the two materials is minimal. Of course with a metal roof you may never have to roof again. Even if the cost is a bit higher for a metal roof, if you have roof that lasts forever it clearly is a better value and a more cost effective option.

Metal roofs can literally last a lifetime and beyond. If you live in a windy area metal roofs are the answer to your “shingle loss” issue. Many homeowners find that they are replacing shingles after each weather event but with metal roofs you never have to worry about replacing shingles. That fact has to be considered when you are considering the cost difference.

It is Worth the Cost

There are so many benefits to having a metal roof installed that the cost of metal roof options really is not a consideration. You do not have to rip off the old shingles to install a metal roof which means there is nothing going to the landfill so it is an environmentally friendly option.

You do not have to replace roof shingles that blow off. You can save on your homeowners insurance which can easily help to recoup some of the cost difference between asphalt shingles and a metal roof.


A metal roof instantly upgrades your property. It adds value to your property and it looks great. More importantly a metal roof will protect your property for years and years with very little maintenance. It may be the very last roof you ever have to have installed on your property. The cost of metal roofs is well worth it!

Need To Know The Cost Of Metal Roof?

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