Cool Roof Coating

A Comprehensive Guide About Cool Roof Coating

Cool Roof CoatingCool roof coating is an effective way to care for your roof and to insulate your home. Cool roof coating can help you reduce your energy consumption because it will reduce the stress on your air conditioning and heating systems. Places in a property that are not heated or cooled will have a more pleasant and comfortable ambiance. A cool roof coating will also protect the roof because temperature fluctuations, heat and cold cause substantial wear and tear in any roof. But cool roof coating is not the only insulation you need. Many property owners think that such a coating is an alternative to insulation. That is not correct. You may not insulate the roof or the attic but you would still need to insulate the walls, doors, windows, floors and any other fixture or structure you have that can cause dissipation of heat, inward or outward.

A cool roof coating reflects sunlight, doesn’t get heated up and thus doesn’t allow the roof or the indoors to get heated. It is a pretty simple concept to understand but then there are many types of roofing materials. Obviously you cannot use a coating on clay tiles that you would use on metal or asphalt for that matter. Thus, you must choose a cool roof coating depending on the type of roof you have, the material and also factoring in the climate in your area.

Let us start with low sloped roofs. These are likely to have singly ply membranes or sheet roofing. The method of installation is often adhering, fastening or ballasting using stones and gravels or pavers. Cool roof coating in such cases can be reformulating or coating the black membranes so they become more reflective. Built-up roofs can have reflective marble chips, a coat of asphalt or gray slag as cool roof coating. Modified bitumen roofs can have rubber or plastic membranes or layers atop.

Steep sloped roofs can be cooled by asphalt shingles, tiled roofs can be glazed and there are special tiles which have high degrees of solar reflectance. Metal roofs can be painted to be cooler or to have better solar reflectance. There are many kinds of coatings which are meant for protecting metal roofs and they also cater to the purpose of keeping the roof cool.

There are many cool roof coating solutions on the market for every type of roof.

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