Commercial Roofing Systems

The Best Commercial Roofing Systems

Commercial Roofing SystemsThe whole spectrum of commercial roofing systems is quite diverse and there are more than half a dozen choices. But not every choice will be relevant for every property. Thus, you need to consider the commercial roofing systems that would be relevant and what must also be state of the art. Whether you are developing a new building or you wish to replace an old roof, here are the options at your disposal.

  • TPO roofing is very common in commercial properties. TPO is also known as Thermoplastic Roofing. It is a durable roofing choice that is very flexible and can be customized in myriad wars. TPO roofs are particularly known for their temperature tolerance. It can withstand freezing temperatures as well as very hot summers. TPO roofs are not vulnerable to ozone, ultraviolet radiation and it is also resistant to damage due to chemicals. These aren’t common traits in roofing materials. Such roofs don’t get punctured easily, they are resistant to fire and would not suffer blow-offs due to high winds. In effect, you get a durable and aesthetically pleasing roof without spending a huge fortune.
  • EPDM roof is also common in commercial properties. It is less expensive than TPO roofs but also has fewer features. EPDM is basically rubber roofing that is easy to install, repair and maintain. The labor costs of installing, repairing and maintaining EPDM roofs makes it one of the best commercial roofing systems.
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels or Photovoltaic Panels are increasingly becoming a popular choice. The reason is very simple. Energy costs have been soaring in recent times and it is unlikely that the utility bills would get any cheaper. As companies get more dependent on machines and technologies, the power consumption in almost every office would only skyrocket hereon. Thus, commercial roofing systems that can save on energy will become a natural choice in the near future. Photovoltaic solar panels would not only increase the energy efficiency of a building but it will also generate some power that the building can use.

Green Roofs are also becoming very popular now. With focus on green buildings, eco friendly features and any attempt that can have a positive bearing on the environment, green roofs that can keep a building cooler, can brighten up interiors without being entirely dependent on artificial lights and can facilitate natural ventilation are certainly one of the finest commercial roofing systems.

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