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What kind of warranty should you expect from commercial roofing products!

Commercial Roofing ProductsEvery roofing material should come with a warranty. From asphalt shingles used on sloped roofs in homes to the likes of EPDM, TPO and PVC used on flat roofs in commercial properties, all materials must have some warranty. The exact nature of the warranty will depend on various factors. Let us discuss what you should expect when you procure commercial roofing products.

There are two kinds of warranty that you would get with most commercial roofing products. The first kind of warranty pertains to the materials. The second kind of warranty pertains to workmanship. Now, a company that makes commercial roofing products will be the one responsible for the warranty on materials. The roofing company doing the installation would be responsible for warranty on workmanship. But there are instances when the company making the commercial roofing products would operate through a network of certified or licensed roofers. Certain roofing companies will be trained by the material manufacturer and all resources, guidance and even the tools may be provided by the manufacturer. In such cases, the roofer or whoever does the installation, albeit certified, will not be responsible for the warranty on workmanship. It would be the manufacturer that would offer both warranties and obviously it would work through the trained, licensed or certified roofing company.

The warranty on commercial roofing products can be of myriad kind. There will be a list of terms and conditions pertaining to the warranty. There will be certain exemptions. You must be sure that the exemptions are fair and reasonable. For instance, you will notice that the company making the commercial roofing products will have the materials replaced or changed should there be any problem at the onset. Even if there is a problem soon after the installation or anytime in the near future, there should not be any exemption relieving the company of its accountability or the need to offer the coverage in the warranty.

From installation problems to leaks in the near future, a blanket warranty for ten, twenty or thirty years, as the case may be depending on the material, as well as coverage on workmanship, repairs and replacement; all such terms must be clearly laid out in the fine print of the agreement or contract.

If you are not getting such kind of coverage from a manufacturer of commercial roofing products, then you need to reconsider dealing with such a company.

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