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Savannah is the site of its fair share of wild weather. So how can you prepare your property for a storm?

The first and most important step is to trim back trees and limbs, especially those that over-hang your roof. Also, take down dead, dying or diseased trees, as these tend to come down first in severe weather. This will reduce your risk of tree-related damage.

More tips from Commercial Roofing Contractors Savannah

If you have a slate or tile roof, it’s wise to remove any loose tiles immediately before the storm strikes. Loose tiles will come off in high winds, which will turn these items into dangerous projectiles. So avoid further damage by removing any tiles that are obviously loose.

Also remember to bring in all lawn furniture and other items which may otherwise turn into flying projectiles.

It’s wise to get some large tarps and/or plywood, along with a staple or nail gun so you can cover any defects that arise. This is especially important if the damage is widespread and lots of others will be seeking roof repairs.

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