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Commercial Roofing Bluffton SCThere is a huge difference between residential and commercial roofing and Bluffton SC property owners often acknowledge that. Owing to that reason, most commercial property owners are very conscious and only want to hire the best roofers in the business. But the reality is that hiring the best roofer is a different aspect of the whole exercise. Finding the best estimate, checking out the portfolios of various roofers and deciding on the roofing solution are not exactly challenges. They are exercises that have to be carried out. The challenges of commercial roofing in Bluffton SC are purely technical.

Challenges Of Commercial Roofing Bluffton SC

As a property owner, you should know the challenges so you can be more aware of what to expect and thus can be better prepared.

  • The first challenge is installation. Depending on the material you have chosen, the installation will have its own set of challenges. The most common problems that occur at the time of installation itself is tears or punctures, leaks, open seams or laps and poorly adhered sheets or membranes. Commercial property roofs are larger than residential roofs and the materials and manpower needed would be much more. Uniformity is not so easy to attain, neither is consistency. Even if you have one puncture or tear in a large roof, it can lead to a major problem. The problem may not become obvious right after installation but you would soon realize the faulty installation. There is a way to avert these problems or to overcome this challenge however. You need to have extremely well trained and experienced roofers installing the roof. A company may have a great portfolio but unless the technicians working on your roof are experts you don’t stand to win over the challenges of commercial roofing in Bluffton SC.
  • Water stagnation, or what is colloquially referred to as ponding, is another problem. Most commercial properties have flat roofs and they are vulnerable to water stagnation. If you have ponding, then you are inviting trouble. At the time of installation of commercial roofing in Bluffton SC, property owners can easily opt for a gentle slope or low slope. That should address the problem.

Commercial roofing is not the same as residential roofing when it comes to maintenance either. Commercial roofs have to be kept cleaner and better maintained. This is just because of the nature of the roof and its size. Flat roofs can get easily clogged and that can lead to many problems.

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