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Commercial Metal Roofing Company in Augusta GAFor your commercial property, it is a great idea to consider a metal roof. This is a roof that can be installed by a commercial metal roofing company in Augusta, GA. Metal roofs are designed to be durable and long lasting, but small leaks are unavoidable over time. The small leak in your metal roof may be due to normal wear and tear or could have potentially been caused by a severe storm. No matter what caused the leak on your metal roof, you need to be sure that you repair it quickly to minimize the total amount of roof damage that occurs. Before you begin repairing a leak on your roof, you need to know about helpful tips that will make the process of patching the hole simpler. You can also choose a commercial roofing company in Augusta, GA to complete all repairs and maintenance for your roof.


It is important that you begin the repair process by correctly identifying the type of metal that your roof is made from and obtaining a piece of metal that is the same to act as a patch for the hole. You will need to prep the area where the hole is present before you can attach the new piece of metal. Make sure that you scrub all around the leak area using a cleaner that is designed to be mild. You can use a wire brush to scrub the area and make sure that all debris is removed.


Once you have the area prepared, you can then cut the patch to size. You will want the patch to be a few inches longer on each side than the actual length of the hole. You will then need to fold down the edges of the metal patch that you have cut. The amount that you fold back should be less than an inch on each side. The parts of the metal piece that you have folded back need to be sanded down. When they are sanded correctly, the fold will appear much shinier than the rest of the metal that you have not sanded.

Roofing Cement

You will then need to place roofing cement on the folded part of the patch and around the hole where you will be attaching the patch. Once you have the patch securely over the hole, you will need to press down on the edges of the patch and should apply constant weight to it. This means that you should set a small cement or brick block over the patch to make sure that pressure is applied continuously while the roofing cement dries. You will need to repeat the process by applying more than one patch to ensure that the leak will not return.

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