Clay Tile Roof Repair Savannah GA

Tips On Clay Tile Roof Repair Savannah GA

Clay Tile Roof Repair Savannah GAClay tiles are a wonderful roofing material. They are a tad costly, especially if you compare it with asphalt and cedar, but the returns are much more satiating. Clay tiles last a really long time and they also look good. With natural insulating ability, no risk of warping or expanding and contracting due to moisture and temperature, a certain degree of waterproofing and the aesthetic impact on the property are all desirable benefits of clay tile roofs. But as is the case with any material, there could be some problems with your clay tile roof from time to time. The possibility is much more if your roof is very old. While clay can stand the test of time, there will be a certain degree of impact and obvious wear and tear.

Whether you have a leak or some missing tiles, here are some tips you can use while catering to clay tile roof repair in Savannah GA.

  • Do not attempt it yourself. Unless you are a roofer or are trained in roofing solutions to some degree, do not attend to clay tile roof repair in Savannah GA without professional help. You will save some money while doing it yourself but you may end up damaging the roof if you don’t know what kind of weight it can bear, you may aggravate the leak or the problem, there is a heightened risk of personal injury and you may end up wasting a lot of materials, which is absolutely unwarranted and undesirable. The saving you might make by not paying any labor charges can easily be washed away through wastage of materials and if there is a larger damage.
  • Always weigh the pros and cons of replacement as against clay tile roof repair in Savannah GA. Often, repairing and replacing become the same thing but technically they are different. Get the recommendation from your roofer, assess if repairing would fix the problem or if replacing the tiles would be a much better alternative. There are times when repairing would be enough but then there are instances when replacement is a much wiser move. Choose wisely.

Always seek a warranty on repairs or replacements. Whether you are getting some new clay tiles or a company is working on repairs that are expected to stand strong for a certain period of time, get some relevant warranty on materials or workmanship respectively.

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