Built Up Roofing Systems

Cost Effective Roofing Options: Built Up Roofing Systems

Built Up Roofing SystemsOne of the most cost effective and popular roofing options for both commercial and residential properties are built up roofing systems. They are a type of roof that is ideal for properties that feature low-slope roof designs. This type of built up roofing is given this name due to the many layers that applied to create this roofing system. If you are looking for a roof system that is both durable and affordable, this may be the best option for you.

What is it Made Of?

A built up roofing system consists of many layers of bitumen surfaces. These layers are then covered using an aggregate layer of coating that offers more durability. There are even numerous roofing systems that also have insulation built into the layers of bitumen surfaces that are installed. These layers that are applied to the roof are referred to as ply sheets and they are normally reinforced to make sure that they stay in place effectively over time.

Types of Built Up Roofing Systems

There are different types of built up roofing systems based on the types of materials that are used during installation. Smooth asphalt is often a popular option and ballasted asphalt is also very common. Instead of cold tar or another type of adhesive, asphalt is the most popular bitumen material used for built up roofing systems. The amount of materials that are needed can often be the biggest determining factor in the price. This means that the overall size of the roof plays a big part in the total cost of a built of roofing system. The biggest benefit of using asphalt, is that it can be easily built up and it is also designed to be resistant to fire. This offers an added protection to your property.

Cold Built Up Roofing

This type of built up roofing is unique, because there is no need for the application of hot asphalt during this process. The cold adhesive can be applied using a pray of with a squeegee. The best part is that it does not leave behind harmful fumes, so it is designed to be better for the environment. It offers close to the same amount of durability as an asphalt built up roof and is still designed to provide protection from the outdoor elements.

Having the different layers of protection is want many property owners like most about built up roofing systems.

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