Built Up Roofing System

Looking For Built Up Roofing System?

Built Up Roofing SystemIf you are looking for the most effective roofing option for your low-sloped roof, there is nothing that compares to a built up roof system. This is the roof type that is ideal for properties that have a roof of this design. The best part about a built up roof system, is that there are a variety of layers that are applied. This allows for durability that is designed to less and be more resistant to adverse weather conditions. If you want your roofing system to be resistant to the sun and show less signs of wear and tear, it is essential that you look into the many benefits possible through the installation of a built up roofing system.

Components of Built Up Roof System

A built up roof can be made from different types of materials, but it always has the same components. This includes some type of bitumen surface and an aggregate material used for coating the underlying bitumen layers. The bitumen surface that is applied to create the roof is done so in numerous layers. There are normally up to four layers of a bitumen surface applied. The aggregate layer is then applied over the bitumen surface to allow for more durability and weather resistance. It is important to note that a built up roofing system is also stabilized using some type of reinforcing material.

Types of Built-Up Roofing

The actual materials that are most commonly used to produce built up roofing systems include asphalt that is hot, cold or ballasted. Asphalt is the most common type and is the more popular option over coal tar or other adhesives. Ballasted asphalt is often preferred, because it allows for a smoother finish that is more resistant to the sun. This allows it to last longer than other types.


The biggest benefits that can be obtained by choosing a built up roof system include waterproofing that is of a high level. If you want to ensure that leaks will not occur and that water will not find a way into your property, this type of roofing system is ideal. It also allows for great protection from the sun that will keep your roof from wearing fast. Another gain that you can get access to includes the ability to save on maintenance. Roofs of this type require much less repair, which allows you to save on labor and materials.

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