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Built Up Roof Repair or Replacement Savannah GAA roof is expected to last a long time. Some roofs last ten years, some tend to be more durable and last up to three decades and some amazing roofs last as long as fifty years. Today, there are quite a few types of roofs that can last a lifetime of a generation. However, this doesn’t imply that you will not come across any roofing problems. Whether you have shingles or a built up roof, you will have problems from time to time, certainly not in the first few years but as the roof starts to age or is subjected to repetitive weather challenges. There can be various types of problems that will call for built up roof repair or replacement in Savannah GA but here is the most common one.


The Most Common Problem That Will Call For Built Up Roof Repair Or Replacement Savannah GA

Roof leaks are the most common problem. Leaks are not unique or exclusive to any specific type of roofing. Shingles can have leaks, rubber roofing can have leaks, built up roofs can have leaks and so can normal slates or any other roofing material of your choice. There are ways to proactively avert any leakage but then the preventive methods too have a lifespan. They will not last forever. Weather shields or waterproofing would wear off gradually and once they are completely worn off or even considerably deteriorated, the roof would become more vulnerable to leaks.

With built up roofs, leaks primarily occur at the flashing. When a specific membrane ends and there are some flashing details, the hinge or that area is prone to allowing leaks. When such leaks occur, the damage can be minimal or severe. That depends on the subsequent underlying layers and what kind of deck the roof has. Moisture build up resulting from a leak is unavoidable. To prevent this, you can always install moisture barriers at the time of installing the built up roof. If you have leaks in your roof and moisture buildup, you will have to opt for built up roof repair or replacement in Savannah GA. You should not allow the problem to persist as that would cause severe damage to the roof, the deck and to your property.

Regular maintenance and cleaning, ensuring that the roof is standing strong and there is no potential problem, can avert leaks but there can always be that unforeseen event which will cause sporadic leaks.

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