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Professional Built Up Roof Repair or Replacement Beaufort SC

Built Up Roof Repair or Replacement Beaufort SCIn an ideal world, you should have one roofer, one plumber, one electrician and only one technician or professional in every category of services that you will need from time to time. But it is not an ideal world. Having one roofer to cater to all your roofing needs would have been much simpler as you would develop trust, you could ask for discounts being a long term client and your roof would have been better attended to since the roofer would know the roof in and out, having attended to all its requisites.

Should You Hire The Same Roofer That Installed Your Roof For Built Up Roof Repair Or Replacement Beaufort SC

You may hire the same roofer that installed your roof for built up roof repair or replacement in Beaufort SC but that choice becomes irrational or unwise if the roofer had done something wrong, which lead to the problem in the first place. Many problems with built up roofs are primarily because of faulty installation. You may not know for certain if it was bad installation that caused the damage or the visible problem but if your built up roof has issues in some months or a few years after installation then there is little else to blame. Obviously, there could be weather factors and other natural events which can damage a roof but if there was no such cause then it is likely that faulty installation was behind the problem.

Leaks, blow offs, billowing and tenting of built up roofs among other problems are primarily because of poor installation or wrong choice of materials. It may so happen that the roofer you had hired for the installation did not use the right techniques or the best materials. Improperly installed seams or inappropriate flashing details can lead to many problems, so can the torch down or layering techniques. In such situations, you should hire a new roofer for built up roof repair or replacement in Beaufort SC since you cannot be sure if your old roofer will do a good job this time around.

It becomes difficult to decide when you have a warranty since hiring the same roofer will save you money. In such a case, let the roofer inspect the problem and offer you the free service and repairs if they are covered in the warranty. But try and consult a better roofer to have the problem and the repairs assessed.

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