Asphalt Shingles

What is Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt ShinglesOne of the few requirements most people generally all have in common is food in their stomach and a roof over their head. In the case of most people, this roof is sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This is especially true when it comes time to have to do repairs on said roof. Typically this involves either replacing or completely redoing shingles along with any other tasks that require maintenance. But what kind of shingles does a person use?

Different strokes for different folks

While this phrase isn’t often used in regards to home improvements in the case of shingles it has some validity. There are many different types of shingles for just about every type and style of roof. However, one of the most versatile and easily to use shingles currently on the market is the asphalt shingle. This light weight, all purpose shingle is great for most homes from small split levels to large 3 story estates.

Roofing done right

Asphalt Shingles are the shingle of choice for a reason. First off, they are the cheapest shingle on the market. While going cheap is usually not a good strategy in regards to home repairs, in the case of shingles it can make a huge difference financially. Shingles are priced at the square footage, this can add up quickly for homes with a larger roof. Additionally as asphalt shingles weigh less than other types of shingles makes for easier transport as well as quicker installation.

Draw backs of Asphalt Shingles

As great as asphalt shingles are they do have some minor down sides. The primary detraction is in their durability. In most cases when properly installed they will last several years. However, in the event of severe weather they can be easily damage. Things such as strong wind, debris, branches, etc. can shorten their lifespan. This ends up resulting in frequent repairs needing to be done in most cases.


There are many different kinds of shingles to choose from. Like many home improvement projects you have multiple options of products to use on your home. In the case of Asphalt Shingles they may not be as rugged or long lasting as other types of shingles on the market. However, what they lack in durability they make up for in initial costs, ease of use, and versatility. The next time you need to do a major roofing project make sure you have these handing and affordable shingles at your side.

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