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How Do Different Materials Compare To Aluminum Roofs Savannah GA

Aluminum Roofs Savannah GACommercial properties have flat roofs. In some cases, they have low sloped roofs. Such properties or roofs have fewer choices of materials than sloped roofs, which are almost universal in residential properties. There are very few materials that are suited for both flat and sloped roofs, including low sloped roofs. Metal and rubber are the two materials which can be used in residential and commercial properties. All other materials would find their utility in either one.

There itself you get an attribute of aluminum roofs in Savannah GA that cannot be matched by any other material, barring rubber. Now, let us talk about the types of roofing materials which you may consider. Asphalt is a popular choice, partly because it is affordable and partly because it is very easy to install and repair. Cedar is a common choice and so are different kinds of tiles. Clay tiles or concrete tiles are a little expensive so many homeowners don’t like to consider them. Slate is a wonderful material and it has unmatched durability but owing to its price most property owners shy away. It is obvious.

In comparison to all these materials, aluminum roofs in Savannah GA would be the most rewarding choice. Here’s why.

  • Metal may be twice as costly as asphalt but it lasts much longer as well. Asphalt roofs are expected to last about ten or fifteen years. If you have an asphalt roof standing strong for twenty years, then you are supremely lucky. In comparison, a metal roof can easily last thirty years. You can even get forty or fifty years from a metal roof. Even after that, it stands strong but would need some attending to. Asphalt roofs get damaged all the time and that is why you get such a limited warranty for a short period of time. With metal roofs, you get three to five decades in warranty.
  • Clay tiles or concrete tiles are often more expensive than metal and they are quite complicated to install and harder to maintain. Instead, you should opt for aluminum roofs in Savannah GA. You may consider cedar but then it would warp, expand and contract, be subject to water damage and will call for a lot of cleaning, maintenance and odd repairs rather frequently. There are no such challenges with aluminum roofs in Savannah GA.

More importantly, metal is an eco friendly roofing option which is recycled and has an amazing resale value, which cannot be matched by any other material.

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