Aluminum Roof Coating

What is Aluminum Roof Coating?

Aluminum Roof CoatingAluminum roof coating is an option that can help to protect and beautify your roof it can also help to increase energy efficiency by reflecting the sun off the roof. Over 70% of the sun’s rays are reflected when using an aluminum roof coating this prevents the oils that are used in roofing materials from being “cooked out” out of the materials roof coating that contains aluminum can hold its integrity for a longer period of time because the other chemicals are protected from the heat of the sun.

The application of aluminum roof coating can actually reduce indoor building temperatures by 15-20 degrees. This type of roof coating keeps the heat of the sun out of the building by reflecting the sun back. It can easily reduce the cost of cooling.


Aluminum roof coating is a great way to reduce energy costs but more people choose this type of coating because is simply looks great. You can choose from different finishes to compliment the look of your property.

This roof coating is a great choice for anyone that loves the look of metal roofing but does not want to have to replace their entire roof. It is a quick solution for anyone that wants to really beef up the look of their roof without having to pay a ton of money.

Its Fast

Aluminum roof coating can be installed quickly by any roofing expert with the right amount of experience. You can talk to / to get a free estimate and discuss your options.

Roof Inspection

You can contact / to set up for your free roof inspection to see if your roof is eligible for aluminum roof coating options. You can have your roof inspected to ensure that everything is alright and then you can learn more about aluminum roof coating. It is a free service that can help you to protect your property.

Your property is likely your largest investment, it is very important that you maintain your roof. A proper inspection can help to reveal if you need a little more work than aluminum roof coating. Of course if your roof is in tip top condition than you can get an all clear and start saving on your energy bills with aluminum roof coating.

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